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Yervant was born in Ethiopia, he is the son of royal photographer Hagop Zanazanian.  Yervant followed his father's footsteps in photography, mastered dark room techniques at a young age of 9, won his first award of excellence with a landscape image at the age of 11 and received an unprecedented personal invitation by the Emperor Hailé Silaée to receive a further medal of encouragement...

Yervant studies at Mourat Raffael College in Venice Italy from the age of 13 to 17 where he was inspired by fine art and photography.

The Zanazanian family emigrated to Australia in 1975 and Yervant joined soon after and enrolled at The Photography College in Melbourne.  Yervant proclaimed he wanted to be a WEDDING photographer during his college years and he was told by his tutors to quit there and then as Wedding photography never required a college education. 

Nonetheless, Yervant graduated and set himself up as a 'Professional Wedding Photographer', that was 27 years ago... 

Today Yervant's name is synonymous with the most influential photographers of our time.

Recently awarded the industry's highest accolade "Lifetime Achievement Award " by WPPI USA for his unparalleled contributions and iconic governance in changing traditions in wedding photography to new horizons.

Yervant's distinctive signature style is considered the most emulated throughout the world today.

Yervant has brought sensuality and a fashionista approach to wedding photography, he is the very first wedding photographer who adapted to digital post production and capture, he set up the first digital production outfit at his studio in Melbourne Australia then proceeded in creating the first digital layout story book wedding album which is the most popular amongst studios around the world today.

Yervant created his first Photoshop actions software Page Gallery™ initially for his own studio's use as a time saving and efficient workflow program, soon by peer pressure, he released Page Gallery™ to the pro market.  Page Gallery™ is the no#1 album layout software in the world today; it has translated to several languages and keeps evolving as one of the most popular tools in today's wedding photography industry.

Yervant is married to Anie, an Armenian who is also from Ethiopia; they have two sons, Ricky Haig and Robbie Vartan.
Yervant and Anie own and operate one of the most up-market boutique studios in the world today. Visited by photographers from all over the world, Yervant Photography which is based in the fashionable Melbourne downtown area of Docklands boasts sumptuous opulence and has set a bench mark in the industry to strive and reach higher echelons in market perception and recognition to set wedding photography as a luxury commodity.

Yervant has been voted as Australia's no# 1 Wedding photographer by industry poll 2007, 2008, 2009 and is a finalist for 2010 which will be announced by July.

Amongst Yervant's copious collection of awards, he has also been bestowed with the title of Grand Master, Fellow AIPP and Hon F MPA UK.

Most recent awards include:  2009 Photojournalist of the year AIPP Australia, Photojournalist of the year WPPI, Wedding Photographer of the year 2009 AIPP, Highest scoring print AIPP.

Yervant travels extensively to present inspirational seminars and comprehensive workshops to professional photographers in all continents. His fundamental 'Dark room' expertise is transformed to Digital through Photoshop and his photographic proficiency keeps evolving as he keeps re-inventing himself year after year with new and exciting approaches and techniques, most of which become international milestones within the industry.

About Yervant


Yervant is amongst the Top 5 international Wedding & Portrait Photographers.

Grand Master Photographer AIPP, Fellow AIPP (Australia), Hon Fellow MPA (UK)

Australia's NO# 1 Wedding Photographer 2007, 2008 & 2009 Industry peer poll Capture Magazine

2008 Grand Award winner WPPI (USA) Wedding Category

2009 Wedding Photog of the year AIPP (Australia)

2009 Wedding Photojournalist of the year AIPP (Australia)

2009 Runner up Wedding Photojournalist of the year AIPP (Australia)

Voted as one of the TOP 30 Most Influential photographers of the decadeDN PDN Magazine (USA)

'Lifetime Achievement Award' WPPI 2010 for unparalleled contributions photography as the most emulated wedding photographer INTERNATIONALLY!

Photojournalist of the year 2009 AIPP, Photojournalist of the year 2010 WIPP

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