UK - London

6th Oct - 8th Oct 2009


Yervant & Anie


“Never give IN and never give UP !!
Keep on re-inventing your style and aim to be 3 steps ahead of your competition”


These are brand new 3 days’ programmes which we put together to get straight to the core! Show Yervant’s camera techniques, his light, his compositions, his ’Posed…but naturally!’ methods and also how he shoots for ALBUM pages at any given time of the day. Then definitely finishing, this is a must for any professional, that is what sets us apart from the “Shoot & Burn” and amateurs! Professional finishing!!

I will present on our new business experiences, we opened a very expensive new studio right before and during the global financial crisis, how’s that for luck ? Oh well. this was an interesting experience, one we learned a lot form that’s for sure!
So, how did we survive it? What gave us sleepless nights, and what worked better that we could have dreamed of? I will share these most recent and experiences with you and hope that some can be relevant to your businesses as we all stand today!
Oh yes, last but not least the Y has some incredible new imagery to share, he has been shooting lots this year and talking less! He has developed his style again, having some fun with new ideas and he tested the marketplace and found that Brides are LOVING what they see! So, he will share all this and of course a lot more show and tell.

Plus, we will have fun, befriend a whole new group of photographers that we no doubt will add to our growing family of friends, network and encourage each other to keep in touch and share. This is always such a wonderful consequence after each workshop. I recently found out that one of our previous participants from Hong Kong befriended an Italian participant, and they arranged to share a wonderful shoot somewhere in Italy together. Many keep in touch, compare notes, progress and become good friends!! I love it.

On a last note… Next year when we are all concentrating on the positive growth of our businesses and not listening to the media too much… I am organising a RE-UNION of all re-unions !! ALL past workshop participants will be invited to join us for a couple of days of sharing, networking and loads of fun! Any suggestions for a location? I am thinking Australia so I can have you all at our house for a great outdoor Aussie party, but maybe travel to OZ is not the best option, so for all of us to meet from all corners of the world… we need to decide on a location we are all happy to travel to! Any suggestions? write to me.

Hope to see some of you at our new workshops in London.

Any inquiries, please email me direct

Ciao for now.

Learn Yervant's techniques...
“Posed... But Naturally” ™ !!!

Shoot with Canon 5D MK II
HD movies and how to USE the results....

See what he SEES...
Visualize and shoot for the ALBUM !
... not Big Ben, not another Bobby nor Red buses!

Learn his ‘Signature’ finishing techniques...
Photoshop like a pro... Dark-room techniques !
Photographic ART sells big posters...

Finishing ! All necessary but easy Photoshop™

Album layouts that SELL !

Down to earth, realistic and ‘do-able’ business and marketing...
Cutting edge Marketing & Branding in today’s economy !

IMPORTANT and REALISTIC principles for business success !


Perfecting your techniques !

...and as always... a lot of FUN !

Limited to 25 participants ONLY

Cost for:
3 FULL DAYS £ 975

London downtown area

3 days’ Intensive Tuition with Yervant and Anie


Registration retainer of £ 350 will secure your place.
Balance 30 days prior to workshop date.
* Registration retainer is non-refundable
* Yervant reserves the right to; vary/alter program content or cancel if necessary
(Cancellation by Yervant will ensue a full refund of the registration retainer)

...see most recent pics and comments from our
October 2008 Venice workshops...

Contact Anie: for any inquiries

Fax booking form PDF (last page) to Anie +61 3 9670 1174

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Registration retainer of £ 350
Balance 30 days prior to workshop date.
Full payment £ 975
* Registration retainer is non-refundable
* Yervant reserves the right to; vary/alter program content or cancel if necessary
(Cancellation by Yervant will ensue a full refund of the registration retainer)